COSS is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary dental clinic, oriented to achieve a high level of specialty care in each patient. With more than 70 years of experience, the philosophy of the San Sebastián Dental Clinic is dentistry of trust, with transparency and commitment so that the patient and their family can feel fully welcomed.

Our history

  • 1945: In the heart of the civic center of Santiago (Huérfanos street) Dr. Amador Charad and Dra. Elena Dihmes inaugurate their first consultation.
  • 1965: An Endodontist joins the team, thus developing the concept of Comprehensive Care in the area of dentistry.
  • 1974: strong Dr. Jaime Charad joins the team of professionals, who incorporates modern technologies, new consultations and a complete Dental Laboratory.
  • 1980: Dr. Charad with Dr. Pedro Pablo Daniels, and Dr. Sonia Echeverría, give life to the Oral Rehabilitation Institute and create the concept of Multidisciplinary Care.
  • 1985: The clinic moves to the El Golf neighborhood, to Calle San Sebastián, from which it takes its name.
  • 1996: Doctors Sergio Rojas, Willy Haindl and Miguel de la Fuente are incorporated.
  • 2003: COSS, San Sebastián Dental Clinic La Dehesa Headquarters, is inaugurated, where a modern and close service is offered.
    Year after year, prominent professionals are being incorporated, covering all the specialties of dentistry. Among them are doctors Daniela Albers, Dra. Jocelyn Avayú, Dra. Paulina Barrientos, Dra. Francisca Charad, Dra. Carolina Contreras, Dra. Marcela Espinoza, Dr. Pamela Marín, Dra. Jimena Osorio, Dra. Magdalena Pais, Dra. Ana María Papic, Dra. María José Reckmann, Dra. María Jesús Rojas, Dra. Paulina Schütze, Dra. Maite Souyet and doctors Francisco Cruzat and Dr. Christian Nappe.
  • 2015: A new generation of young professionals begins with Dr. Hans Guler and Dra. Florence Zambrano.

Our mission

To comprehensively meet the oral health care needs of our patients, continually improving the quality of our services and the experience in our clinics.

Our vision

To be a benchmark in dentistry of excellence in Chile, obtaining the best results, through a group of high-level specialists and a great human team.

Our Pillars

  • Trusted comprehensive dentistry of the highest professional level
  • Empathy and warmth with our patients
  • Transparency and commitment to treatments and their results
  • Quality tradition
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