At Clínica Odontológica San Sebastián we have the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry, which is in charge of caring for children from birth to adolescence.

Through periodic controls, our professionals are in charge of educating, preventing, intercepting and treating oral pathologies that may be present, the main mission being to prevent such pathologies from appearing.

For this, our pediatric dentists are in charge of adapting the child to dental care, educating them and getting them interested in their oral health and creating good habits that last throughout life.

In addition, we work closely with orthodontists, detecting dentomaxillary anomalies early for their timely treatment.

We also have a team of anesthesiologists to provide deep sedation when required in more complex procedures.

The experience of our specialists allows children to create good experiences around visits to the dentist, achieving an environment of safety and trust.

Pediatric Dentistry Professionals

Dr. Sonia Echeverria

Dental surgeon
University of Chile

Maria del Pilar Cortés

Dental surgeon
University of Chile

Dr. Pamela Marin

Dental surgeon
Universität von Concepcion

Dr. Marcela espinoza

Dental surgeon
University of Chile

Dr. Catalina Martinez

Dental surgeon

Dr. Florence Zambrano

Dental surgeon
Universität Los Andes

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